Key Contacts

Name Title Contact
Tracey Guice Vice Chair, Region 8 Email
Felice Nightengale Region Assistant Email
Lana Lee Region Assistant Email
Tracey Guice Region 8 Scholarship Chair Email
Lana Lee Young Adult Mensan Coordinator & Gifted Youth Coordinator Email
Susan Beecher Regional Ombudsperson Email
Jacquelyn Gunby Regional Ombudsperson Email
Felice Nightengale Regional Web Contact Email

Mensa Alaska

Mensa of Western Washington

Columbia River Mensa

Eastern Washington / Northern Idaho / Montana

Oregon Mensa

Redwood Empire Mensa

Website coming soon.

Sacramento Regional Mensa

San Francisco Regional Mensa

Monterey County Mensa

Northern Nevada Mensa

Southern Idaho Mensa

Regional Events

Our region hosts Regional and Annual Gatherings. For local events, please visit the group websites above.